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Little Creations; having fun together again

Little Creations; weer gezellig samen knutselen

Mamalove wrote a nice blog about our Original Autumn box. Crafting is incredibly fun and together with our boxes this is also super easy. :)

After the trend of the boxes with care products and clothing, the boxes with craft materials are also becoming increasingly popular. Still, I'm not always looking forward to it because you first have to prepare to arrange the materials and clean up afterwards. There are also so many ideas that I sometimes have doubts about the difference between 'pinterest perfect' and reality. When I was asked to try this box I was very curious; the biggest advantage is that you get a handy step-by-step explanation of how to make something and all the materials you need are present.

Little Creations

The box is delivered with the postman, when daughter saw the box she wanted to open it right away. The box contains three bags with a number sticker that corresponds to the A4 sheets with the step-by-step explanation. So you can first see what you want to make before you open all the bags. In addition, the advantage is that you do not need a large box full of loose materials, but really sorted by craftwork. They are really three very different craft projects with different materials. It is very nice that all three fit with the autumn that started this month, so it fits well with the seasons. The box is filled with sustainable ingredients from European producers, which are safe to use from the age of 3.

The idea of ​​Little Creations is that this crafting together creates a moment of quality time between children and parents. Now I must honestly say that I was wrong at the table, but I let her read as much as possible (always good to keep practicing) and to do crafts. So that it really becomes her project and end result. At least, that wasn't a problem with the birdhouse. I really enjoyed doing the foam clay myself, so I 'tweaked' it a bit. Even though I think it's very important that the kids do crafts themselves and that it doesn't have to be pinterest perfect crafts.


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Mama love test craft kit from little creations