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Order craft box for children via Little Creations

Knutselbox voor kinderen bestellen via Little Creations

PS Cheryl has written a very nice article about our craft boxes. She tried out our Original Box 3+ years together with her son Wisse. Below is an excerpt from her blog. You can find the full blog here.

It is not always easy to entertain children at home. Especially now that the weather is changing and going outside is not always possible, there is no other option than to do indoor activities with children. I used to always do crafts and I still enjoy doing this with my own children. But what do you do if you are not very creative yourself, but the children do want to do crafts? Right, then you order a craft box for children!

Little Creations

In this time when everything is delivered at home, friends Dinja and Marlies have come up with a very nice concept; Little Creations. The complete craft box for children delivered to your home. Ideal for children who like crafts, but whose mom or dad are not very creative. The box is filled with all the necessities exactly to size. For example, the friends have also thought about the aspect of sustainability by preventing waste as much as possible.

order craft box for children

We received an original box aged 3+ from Little Creations and I am very excited. About the concept, but also about the content. The craft supplies are made of a high-quality material and easy to process. In addition, clear instruction cards are included, so that you know exactly what to do. Wisse was also very enthusiastic. He couldn't decide which craft kit he wanted to start with first. He preferred to do them all at once.

Do you also want one order a craft box ? This can be done very simply and once. So you are not tied to a subscription. So you can try it sometime or of course give it as a gift. Crafting has never been so fun and easy!