Knutselen begint met Little Creations

Little Creations is hard op weg om Nederland, België & Duitsland te veroveren met de nieuwste manier van creatief bezig zijn.

Little Creations is well on its way to conquering the Netherlands & Belgium with the newest way of being creative.

Like most ideas, this one also came about spontaneously and at an unexpected moment, just in the living room. We all know it; a busy job, a household with all kinds of things to arrange, child(ren), a partner and also finding time to be a cool mother who comes up with the most original ideas. How do you arrange all that?

We experienced this weekly. A busy job and a household. We wanted a ready-made solution where creativity is accessible to everyone without too much effort.

That is why we came up with Little Creations. Because how is it possible that nowadays you can have everything delivered to your home to make your life as easy as possible (think of Hello Fresh, Bloomon, etc.), but that there is no ready-made package for creativity? The nicest craft box in the Netherlands was born. And not just any craft kit. No, we wanted you not to have to think about anything anymore and to get started right away. That means that EVERYTHING is in the package and you don't need anything anymore. No more going to different shops or thinking about what exactly to make. Everything has already been thought out for you; you just have to put it on the table.

We are now many boxes further, there is a line for both children and adults and companies also know how to find us for custom-made boxes. We are extremely proud of our company and find it a joy every day to stimulate creativity in an easy way. So that everyone can create a moment for themselves without having to put in a lot of effort.

Do you want to know more about us? Ask us or follow us on Instagram @littlecreations.nl! We share everything there ;-).


Dinja, Marlies & Maxime

The story behind the nicest craft packages in the Netherlands